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BNBMG Forests engages in importing softwood logs , hardwood logs characterized by various species and excellent quality. Imported softwood logs are mainly from North America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South America , Europe , etc. Hard

wood and other luxury timber species include North America hardwood, Europe

Hardwood,Southeast Asia hardwood, Africa hardwood, South America hardwood

and so on, which are mainly used in high-end furniture manufacturing,

construction and decoration.

Product category

 BNBMG Forests

Softwood Logs


Radiata Pine,Caribean Pine, Araucaria Pine,Taeda

Pine,Japanese cedar,Douglas Fir,Hemlock,Southern Yellow Pine,Ponderosa Pine,Spruce,White Wood

 BNBMG Forests

Hardwood Logs


Burmese Teak,African Sapele,African Rosewood,South American Purple Heart,South American Eucalyptus,Teak,Rosewood

 BNBMG Forests



BNBMG Forests imports various high-quality lumber in complete specifications ,

mainly from North America , Russia, North Europe and South America. Also ,

BNBMG Forests has already established long-term cooperation with many world's

leadingtimber operators -CANFOR , WEST FRASER , TOLKO , ILIM , ULK , LUZALES ,

METSA , UPM , ARAUCO , MASISA , etc. It is widely used in housing construction ,

decoration , wood-based panels , furniture , railway , packing , handicraft , and

other fields.

Main Varieties

Radiata Pine , Douglas Fir , SPF , Hemlock , RussianPine , Spruce , Western Red Cedar , Southern Yellow Pine , Larch , Redwood​

 BNBMG Forests

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BNBMG Forests

 BNBMG Forests

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